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Accomplished Software Engineer with a broad spectrum of skills in web development, machine learning, and embedded engineering. Continually adapting to new programming languages and technologies, I excel in tackling complex challenges. Now, I am poised to seize new opportunities in the vibrant world of software development, armed with renewed vigor and an enhanced skill set; CONCORDANTLY, I am actively seeking fresh opportunities in the ever-evolving world of software development.

Resume of Mr. Ziping Liu,As a Continuously Updated Dynamic Web-Dependent Multi Platformed Feature Presentation

Professional Background

March 2020 to 2023

Software Development Engineer

Amazon WEb SErvices – Full time
Enhancing Web Development and Research Initiatives at Amazon Web Services with React, Node.js, and
  • I utilized to conduct thorough web page testing, ensuring optimal performance.
  • I collaborated with to enhance operational efficiency through empathy-driven research initiatives.
  • I embarked on advanced research on CW Synthetics and Cypress, contributing to our technical knowledge base.
  • I was instrumental in frontend feature development, with a special emphasis on React. I’ve been part of the creation of accessible UI designs, guided by the expertise of I’ve been a valuable member of jcrowley@’s team, creating accessible UX text through my proficiency in empathy-led technical writing. I’ve also assisted in resolving technical issues, enabling the team to focus on primary tasks.
June 2018 – Aug 2019

Software Development Engineer

Exploring Speech Recognition and Deep Learning: Research, Feasibility, and Development of Voice-Controlled Turntable
  • I embarked upon a quest to delve deeper into the realm of speech recognition, armed with a newfound fervor.
  • I meticulously analyzed the viability of digital signal processors in executing deep learning algorithms, which traditionally operate via graphics processing units (GPU).
  • My efforts culminated in the creation of a voice-controlled record player, a novelty item that nevertheless showcased my proficiency in implementing innovative ideas.
June 2017 – Aug 2017

Patent Attorney

Facilitating Patent Applications and Overcoming Rejections: A Global Perspective
  • I led meetings with inventors introducing new technology for patenting, prepared comprehensive patent applications, including detailed figure descriptions.
  • I also successfully crafted compelling arguments to overturn patent application rejections from patent offices in the US, China, and the EU.
June 2016 – Aug 2016

Electrical and Signal Processing Engineer

Defense Contractor Role: Bridging Theoretical and Practical Signal Processing with Advanced Software Defined Radios
  • Worked within a defense contractor, which provided a different environment from both private and public sectors.
  • Researched the application of theoretical to non-theoretical Signal Processing with advanced Software Defined Radios (USRP X310 & USRP N210).
  • Conducted a detailed characterization of a software-defined radio (NI X310), utilizing signal generators, Matlab, and GPS units.
  • Debugged the radio using C++ and meticulously documented various bugs encountered during the operation of the SDR with Ticom Geomatic’s application software.
June 2015 – Aug 2015

UEFI/BIOS Firmware Engineer

Hewlett Packard Enterpise – INTERNSHIP
Advanced Laptop Display Technologies: Comprehensive Research and Implementation of DreamColor (sRGB Certified) Display Calibration and UEFI EDK II Shell Application
  • Conducted research in DreamColor calibration within advanced laptop display technologies.
  • Implemented full color spectrum factory calibration with full color spacing using automation at the production pipeline floor level.
  • Developed UEFI EDK II Shell Application/Driver that interfaced with laptop panel EEPROM.
  • Handled writing/reading of HP DreamColor calibration data through the Embedded Controller and I2C interface.
  • Utilized Debugging Boards, JTAG, Serial Monitors, and Dediprog Flash Programmer for debugging and programming BIOS/UEFI and Embedded Controller code.



Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

THE Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin
Through Personal Exploration of Interests, Curiosities, and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Electrical Engineering
  • Developed a passion for computers and electronics from a young age, often assisting friends with IT issues.
  • Participated in High School band, fostering a love for music and an understanding of music theory.
  • Realized the connection between music theory and mathematics, sparking a deeper interest.
  • Chose to major in Electrical Engineering in college, driven by a profound interest in electronics and computers.
  • Gained proficiency in programming, circuit design, and signal processing through academic studies.
  • Expanded knowledge base by taking computer science courses, including data structures and algorithms, computer architecture, and operating systems.
  • View verification of degree granted to Ziping Liu via UT’s official site here.

Bachelor’s of Arts in Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, Language Studies

COLA WITHIN The University of Texas at Austin
Overcoming Linguistic Challenges and Enhancing Communication Skills through a Flagship Liberal Arts College
  • Elected to pursue a double major within the School of Liberal Arts, driven by an additional passion for writing and scholarship.
  • Earned a degree in Asian Cultures and Languages, facilitating a comprehensive exploration of relevant courses within the School of Liberal Arts.
  • Specialized in Chinese language and culture, undertaking courses such as Chinese Literature, Chinese History, and Chinese Philosophy. Expanded academic breadth by enrolling in diverse courses in Political Science, History, and Philosophy.
  • View verification of degree granted to Ziping Liu here.

High School Diploma and Certificate

Brazoswood Highschool

With requirements set by the Board of Education of the State of Texas. Participated in Band and graduated with highest honors.


Secondary Schooling

Various Public Schools within the United States
Grade levelSchool
7-8Lake Jackson Intermediate School
5-6Rasco Middle School, Lake Jackson TX
4Cook Elementary School, Midland MI
3*Red Cedar Elementary School, East Lansing MI
PreK-2Spartan Village Elementary, East Lansing MI
* With partial attendance at another elementary school in Midland that I forgot the name to.

Featured Developmental Projects


Continuous Deployment and Integration through GithubCurrently in R&D

Orchestrating a continuous deployment and integration system for code modifications is a sophisticated task that demands substantial effort and proficiency in proprietary development.

Recognized as a distinguished leader in development operations, I have consistently found this challenge captivating and have persistently aimed to enhance existing procedures. With the universal acceptance of GitHub as the premier platform for monitoring code alterations and the accessibility of advanced features and tools, I embarked on a personal journey to investigate the potential of harnessing these resources to establish a comprehensive continuous deployment and integration system, even as a complimentary user. I successfully engineered and presently sustain a functional continuous deployment and integration system for one of my most active projects on GitHub

While further documentation and explanation will be provided in due course, I invite you to witness the system in action by visiting the following link,


React PDF Component Viewer via Adobe Embed API Initially Released October 2022

A react library component that wraps around Adobe’s powerful PDF rendering engine into a fully featured react component as well as handling the loading and calling of Adobe’s PDF rendering SDK. This provides a react friendly method for utilizing Adobe’s Embed PDF and complex features through a more commonly accessible React Component and Rendering Library. View the library from NPM, or view its publicly accessible code repository here.

Learn more about what it does
byu/Necessary-Ad8108 from discussion


Pin-Yin Annotator Tool for Chinese (Mandarin) Characters Web Application 

A complimentary online text editor designed with the capability to append pin yin as annotated text to Chinese characters. This tool was born out of my personal struggle to locate an annotator that was user-friendly and harnessed the power of the most recent web technologies. Furthermore, I harbored the desire to facilitate the effortless exportation of these annotations into a broad spectrum of formats.
This tool is still in development and is free to use here.

Regrettably, to safeguard against misuse or potential plagiarism, and to prevent the commercial exploitation of this unique annotator tool – a tool that stands alone in its free availability and its utilization of the latest web technologies and frameworks such as React, NodeJS, Typescript, and SlateJS, among others – the source code has been withheld from public access.

Consequently, it remains private on my GitHub account.

Real-timed Development Skillset
















@ZipingL‘s Developer’ StatSTotal time coded since Sep 9 2021

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    Should you observe that the real-time monitoring of my coding activity appears to be exceptionally extensive, particularly for a full day’s display, please be aware that coding is more than a profession to me – it is a cherished hobby. I engage in coding during my leisure hours, much like others might enjoy a film or listen to music. I acknowledge that coding may not be a conventional form of relaxation, but it is one that brings me immense satisfaction. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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      In light of potential misapprehensions, I find it pertinent to also articulate that my leisurely pursuits extend beyond the stated activity of involving programmatic pursuits and thereby encompassing activities traditionally perceived as such, including but not limited to, an expressed appreciation for the arts of cinema and music.

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